Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gooseberry Park Players on Parade

On the evening of Friday, September 5th, the wind died down, the sun occasionally went behind some puffy clouds, and about 25 Gooseberry alums gathered at the Tech College parking lot in Moorhead to decorate Frank Pierce's flatbed trailer with props and sandwich boards salvaged from this summer's production. With the signs up, the skirting on and all 20 kids sitting on the trailer, Frank maneuvered our entry to our assigned spot in the Greater Moorhead Days Parade and waited for the parade to begin.

Our kids showed up in costumes from Aladin, Hood and the Wiz, some even in full makeup! As they waited, they sang, and danced, excited to be in Gooseberry Park Players' first parade! How surprised were we when the parade marshall drove up and awarded us a third place trophy!!!! According to the Official Rules for All Entries, units were judged on

1. General Appearance 30 points
2. Design and Creativity 25 points
3. Workmanship 20 points
4. Development of Theme 10 points
5. Presentation 10 points

Way to go Gooseberry Park Players!!!

As a parent who walked the route next to our float, it was very gratifying to hear the comments from the crowd as our float passed. People would say "The Wiz! I saw that, it was great!" or "Mommy, LOOK! Gooseberry Park Players!" This was a fabulous opportunity to keep our kids and our name in the public eye!

A million thanks to Frank Pierce, for the use of his flatbed trailer and most excellent float pulling skills. This kids who participated were:

Layne Meyer, Tony and Alex Grosz, Noah, John, and Gabe Ford-Dunker, Amanda Casselton, Cameron and Patrick Sorrells, Peter Totten, Sarah Rice, Mia Barnett, Jarrod and Kelsie Anderson, Grace Duginski, Alicia and Tim Falconniere, Sam Wisenden, Kaitlyn and Amanda Frost, and Kelsie Schroeder. (If anyone was left out of this list, please let me know and I'll add their name!)

Plans are in the works to have a float in the Downtown Holiday Lights Parade in November!

Check back, because Karen Frost and Scott Sorrells took pictures of the parade and those will be posted soon!