Friday, July 31, 2009

Dancing Through Life: Spending the Summer of '09 as Choreography Intern

Wow. I completely forgot to blog for about 2 weeks... but I'm making up for it now. (The reason I forgot is because I was performing!!)
This summer at Gooseberry was amazing. I think I've had more responsibility, dance-wise, especially when I'm doing warm-ups, than I've had before. And you all made it so much fun... It was amazing to go from getting the script, reading it, learning "Paragonia" (I remember, that was the first song we learned).. all the way to performing the show for an audience. It has been an amazing and thrilling process, I must say. And it makes me proud of us all to see how we've danced through it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's a Topsy, Turvy World...

Parent Preview was a huge success... The costumes were perfection, the singing was amazing and the comedic timing was inspired...
I dare say Gilbert & Sullivan themselves would have been impressed.

Can't wait for opening night...

*Submitted by Marisa Sweeney

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Helping Out

Several members of the Gooseberry Park Players used a bit of their free time to help out at Churches United for the Homeless last night. Our pastor, George Fincke, left the kitchen and headed over to Concordia to pick up Gabe and Andrew after their day of rehearsals to join other members of our church in making and serving the evening meal there. Imagine my surprise when he walked in with not two but five helpers! Kelsie, Alex, Tim, Andrew and Gabe! Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to help out you guys.
Submitted by Colleen Ford-Dunker

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Peek at the Pirates

I peeked into the theatre today (Monday) to see how things were going. The singing was excellent. There were a lot of people on stage together. When I looked at the bulletin board there was a notice of which I had not heard anything before, such as buying make-up. I wonder if we have to get this, or if it is optional. The phone was ringing off the hook for Mrs. Goldenberg who was working ticket sales in the lobby. That is a great sign. The speed is picking up to the show date already. It is only a couple of weeks away after all!

Submitted by: Wendy Hammond

Dancing Through Life - Spending My Birthday, Thursday, July 9th, as Choreography Intern

I woke up on my birthday wondering if I would be able to post on Thursday night, since I had things planned to celebrate. (!!!) It turned out that I couldn't post at the time, so I'm posting now!
I spent my birthday dancing. How fitting! And it was fun, too - I never get tired of dancing, even if I got three hours of sleep the last night and my feet are killing me. (Those circumstances don't apply to Thursday, but they're still true.)
We skipped warm-ups today, instead stumbling through scenes in the show. We have a full stumble-through scheduled for Monday, July 13... Hurry up and wait! The pirates did a lot of scene work, and we spent most of the day on the main stage as a full cast, instead of broken up into groups.
What I remember most is doing the British Policeman number on the stage for the first time. Doing choreography on platforms for the first time is challenging! I stood in front of the platforms and did the choreography, so the policemen could watch me. It's tough to remember choreography when you're suddenly standing on a platform! But it gets much easier, and it soon feels natural.
I can't help but wonder why it seems to have gone so fast. I remember wishing the "ronde jambes en l'air" from our dance warm-ups would go by quicker, because I was so sore from my morning dance classes... but now I don't think I would mind the slow "ronde jambes." I'm going to miss them! :-) Dancing was a good way to spend my birthday.

(I still love this job.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Those who work together stay together...

This being our families second year with this wonderful organization, I thought I would take my blogging day as a chance to express how amazing I think tech nights are. I remember sitting in the first meeting before last years rehearsals began when they told us about the program and what was expected of us as families.... 30 hours of volunteer time! I thought to myself how in the world am I going to squeeze that into my busy schedule.


By the time the end of July rolled around our family had put in twice that without even noticing. The time flew by and it was so wonderful to be a part of the building of the production from behind the scenes. This year is no exception, as I was wandering around Thursday night to take a few pictures of everone hard at work I was filled with such an amazing sense of pride in our staff, cast, crew and all the parents and siblings out sewing, painting, selling tickets etc...

It really is a group effort and when the show finally comes together we will all be able to sit back and enjoy all of our hard work...

Written by: Marisa Sweeney

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dancing Through Life - Spending July 2nd, 2009 as the Choreography Intern

I arrived back at the lab theatre from my theatre class on Thursday, July 2nd, around 12:45, and the first thing I noticed was the music! We're musical people; we've always got music going during our free time. It's interesting to see how many people like Regina Spektor! (Myself included.)
As Leah had been gone on Friday, June 26, and Monday, the 29th, we wanted to show her what we'd been up to since she'd been gone. So I did my warm-ups with everyone for 15 minutes, and then we all did vocal warm-ups and review.
My day as choreography intern consists mainly of dancing, and today was no exception. I danced with Leah and the fairies, and we finished the Fairy Feet number. Then, after break, we worked with the Islanders and did a good chunk of the opening number, "Paragonia", too.
I love teaching people choreography. It's so interesting to see how they pick it up - sometimes, you can almost see something you'll need to work on before they even ask, and sometimes, you'll think, "We'll need to go over this", but we never do!

(I love this job!)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pirate Mexican Potluck

I missed rehearsal Monday to blog about it today, but I DID make the Potluck! We ate Mexican food. The great thing about Potluck’s is that there is usually a variety of different foods, so there is usually something yummy.

This Potluck was different from the first one in that I knew a few people this time. Doing some service (not that I have my 30 hours in yet or not that I am even close) has its benefits in that the experience makes you interract with people. The announcements before the Potluck began were a good reminder in my busy life of what some of the goals were that were set out at the beginning of the rehearsal season.

It was also nice to get an update on how things are going. After listening to my child sing various songs over and over and over again in the evenings after rehearsal I am getting anxious to see the actual play and what it is going to sound like when everyone is singing, dancing and acting. I'll bring my camera next time and add pictures. I know I said last blog that I would, but I forgot.

Monday, June 22, 2009

submitted by
Wendy Hammond
(Camille Federowich's mom)

GPP started today around 1 p.m. The actors signed in upon arrival and meandered into the big black theatre laboratory (where the potluck was held at the beginning of the season). Some people were dancing to the music where someone had his/her ipod plugged into the music apparatus while others sat in clusters talking while still others sat in the seats waiting for the day to begin.
I think about the opportunity these children and teenagers have to learn to be in front of an audience, which may teach them confidence, to get along with other people and to work as part of a team. Despite the possibility that one of these kids might end up in movies, on Broadway, or be the next Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, they are also gaining great experience for their future. This is better than sitting at home watching TV for sure.
At the set time, the actors filed into the theatre for dance lessons led by Leah. It was exciting to see everyone dancing together. It was almost like a show already. I am sure a sense of community and team was being developed as the dance lesson progressed. Each person was putting forth an effort to do a good job.
After about an hour of dance rehearsal, there was a five-minute water break before singing lessons began back at the theatre laboratory. A range of snake noises and otherwise undecipherable groans emerged from the black hole of the lab which eventually morphed into a beautiful chorus of song. Amazing.
At this point the two-year-old accompanying this blogger had had enough of covering the GPP for the day and was long overdue for a nap as a flaring grouchiness became more frequent. Next Tuesdays Blogg should reflect the afternoon portion of Gooseberry’s Pinafore Pirates, so stay tuned!

GPP Cub Reporters Set to Publish Daily Activities!

Three brave scallywags from the GPP company have volunteered to report on the daily happenings at Frances Frazier Comstock Theatre. That means that parents and grandparents, friends and neighbors, even pirate captains can look in on what keeps these mateys busy! AND, remember, this isn't a one way conversation! If you have something to say, click on the comment box!

Check back in the next couple of days to see what's up!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Arrgh Matey! They've Done Walked The Plank!

Thanks Gooseberry Park Players cast, crew, parents and board!
Thursday's Walk The Plank event was a rolicking success!
Board members, dressed as pirates, manned the tables as our new and returning actors and techies brought their families through the lobby of the Frances Frazier Comstock Theatre.

Each committee, explained their function, and how it helps GPP function, and helped families sign up, register, and get measured and educated. Past and present board presidents, Frank Pierce and Linda Anderson then cornered all the parents in their ARRRRR rated finale, dubbed The Big Splash. This was something new this year - an attempt to connect with parents in a small group, to answer questions, and explain how things work.

Avast! There be pictures matey!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Arrrrgh Matey! Make way for The Pinafore Pirates!

Auditions were amazing! Call backs are taking place this weekend and the cast list will be posted next week! Stay tuned... we will try to put up as many picture as possible!