Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dancing Through Life - Spending My Birthday, Thursday, July 9th, as Choreography Intern

I woke up on my birthday wondering if I would be able to post on Thursday night, since I had things planned to celebrate. (!!!) It turned out that I couldn't post at the time, so I'm posting now!
I spent my birthday dancing. How fitting! And it was fun, too - I never get tired of dancing, even if I got three hours of sleep the last night and my feet are killing me. (Those circumstances don't apply to Thursday, but they're still true.)
We skipped warm-ups today, instead stumbling through scenes in the show. We have a full stumble-through scheduled for Monday, July 13... Hurry up and wait! The pirates did a lot of scene work, and we spent most of the day on the main stage as a full cast, instead of broken up into groups.
What I remember most is doing the British Policeman number on the stage for the first time. Doing choreography on platforms for the first time is challenging! I stood in front of the platforms and did the choreography, so the policemen could watch me. It's tough to remember choreography when you're suddenly standing on a platform! But it gets much easier, and it soon feels natural.
I can't help but wonder why it seems to have gone so fast. I remember wishing the "ronde jambes en l'air" from our dance warm-ups would go by quicker, because I was so sore from my morning dance classes... but now I don't think I would mind the slow "ronde jambes." I'm going to miss them! :-) Dancing was a good way to spend my birthday.

(I still love this job.)

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