Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dancing Through Life - Spending July 2nd, 2009 as the Choreography Intern

I arrived back at the lab theatre from my theatre class on Thursday, July 2nd, around 12:45, and the first thing I noticed was the music! We're musical people; we've always got music going during our free time. It's interesting to see how many people like Regina Spektor! (Myself included.)
As Leah had been gone on Friday, June 26, and Monday, the 29th, we wanted to show her what we'd been up to since she'd been gone. So I did my warm-ups with everyone for 15 minutes, and then we all did vocal warm-ups and review.
My day as choreography intern consists mainly of dancing, and today was no exception. I danced with Leah and the fairies, and we finished the Fairy Feet number. Then, after break, we worked with the Islanders and did a good chunk of the opening number, "Paragonia", too.
I love teaching people choreography. It's so interesting to see how they pick it up - sometimes, you can almost see something you'll need to work on before they even ask, and sometimes, you'll think, "We'll need to go over this", but we never do!

(I love this job!)

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