Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pirate Mexican Potluck

I missed rehearsal Monday to blog about it today, but I DID make the Potluck! We ate Mexican food. The great thing about Potluck’s is that there is usually a variety of different foods, so there is usually something yummy.

This Potluck was different from the first one in that I knew a few people this time. Doing some service (not that I have my 30 hours in yet or not that I am even close) has its benefits in that the experience makes you interract with people. The announcements before the Potluck began were a good reminder in my busy life of what some of the goals were that were set out at the beginning of the rehearsal season.

It was also nice to get an update on how things are going. After listening to my child sing various songs over and over and over again in the evenings after rehearsal I am getting anxious to see the actual play and what it is going to sound like when everyone is singing, dancing and acting. I'll bring my camera next time and add pictures. I know I said last blog that I would, but I forgot.

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